Technical Information

I've finally did it! I updated my web site. I've switched from ye olde
HTML 4.01 to shiny new XHTML 1.0 (well I didn't say bleeding edge, did
I). Also, the crummy table-based design has been replaced with a more
modern CSS-based design.

The most challenging part was due to the fact, that no dynamic
contents is supported by the hosting company. I'v solved this by
relying on JavaScript to include the menus and add a modification date
to all pages. People with a browser without JavaScript-support should
still be able to use the site - this is known as //Graceful

== Graphics and Colors

I've placed a calming image on the top of all pages. The image is also the basis for the colors used. I converted the image to 16 c\
olors, and got the following palette:

|= Colors from darkest to brightest
|rgb( 41, 49, 62)
|rgb( 77, 73, 65)
|rgb( 75, 77, 81)
|rgb(119, 99, 72)
|rgb(107, 103, 94)
|rgb(104, 116, 138)
|rgb(137, 125, 103)
|rgb(128, 132, 139)
|rgb(151, 151, 153)
|rgb(184, 156, 116)
|rgb(150, 162, 192)
|rgb(199, 176, 143)
|rgb(180, 186, 208)
|rgb(203, 205, 211)
|rgb(212, 213, 224)
|rgb(235, 234, 237)

Which are the ones I'm using now (besides black and white).