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Proverbs and other sayings

Here a some (fun) proverbs and other sayings, that I've come across.


Programming is like sex - one mistake, and you have to support it for life.
- Unknown


The program isn't debugged until the last user is dead.
- slashdot.org


"Don't Comment Programs!"
"If it was hard to write, it should be hard to read!"
- Unknown

The Programmer's Prayer

Our program, which art in memory
Hello be thy name
Thy operating system come
Thy commands be done
At the Printer
As it is on the screen.
Give us this day our daily data
And forgive us our input/output errors
As we forgive those whose circuits are faulty.
Lead us not into frustration
And deliver us from power surges.
For this is the algorithm
Application and solution
Looping forever and ever.