About Me and this Web Site

My name is Søren Lund and this is what I've chosen to call my Geeky Web Site. You will be able to read about the web, programming and other stuff, that has my interest.

Originally, the purpose of this site were to serve as an index of other sites I created. The index is still there, but you can also find links to sites I didn't make. Please note, that because I'm danish (living in Denmark) some of the sites listed are in danish.

I work as a senior consultant, primarily with Java (J2EE) and Oracle (database and application server) technology. Currently I only work with two customers and a few of their projects (almost products).

Because of my background some contents are mainly for software developers and other computer geeks.

If you're a web designer/programmer you might want to read some technical information about this site.

Thanks for visiting!